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Rescue Dogs Looking for a Home

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Rescue Dogs needing a home

We rescue many dogs that have been abandoned, mistreated and in some cases that are very close to death. 

We have been very fortunate to have been joined by so many lovely guests, some of whom have adopted our four legged friends and given them a new home and life.

We are very proud to say at Hacienda Horses we have re-homed nearly fifty dogs in a little less than two years.


Rescue Dog Needing Home Ruby


With lots of affection to give, Tasha is a very kind, fun and obedient dog. 

Looking for a loving home she would be devoted to any family who adopted her.

Miniature Colly Cross

Rescue Dog Needing Home Robin

Boomerang Boomer

Boomerang or Boomer was abandoned in the olive grooves to starve to death, but luckily found Hacienda Horses and decided to move in and become a member more of the family. She was only skin and bones when we got her, but she is now back to full fitness, and after a poor start in life is looking for someone to give him lots of cuddles and care he needs.

Regalgo (cross between Podenco and Galgo)

Rescue Dog Needing Home Lucy


Lucy is a lovely collie cross who wants a home with adults.  She loves to play catch and will be a very loyal and obedient friend to her new owner.

Collie Cross

Rescue Dog Needing Home Robin


With boundless energy of a young Labrador, this beautiful boy is playful and fun. Oscar needs a home with discipline and lots of walking in his routine.  He is very affectionate and is willing to learn.

Chocolate Labrador

Rescue Dog Needing Home Jimmy


Jimmy enjoys being outside and his new home must have lots of space for him to explore. A very sweet little dog he enjoys cuddles in front of the fireplace after a long day outside.

Jack Russell Cross

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